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Earth Friendly
65356011_H2SodaStream’s vision is to create a world free from bottles. At SodaStream, we believe it is time to rethink how you make your soda and to understand the positive environmental impact when making soda at home. We are committed to continuously improving as an earth friendly brand and offering eco-friendly products that have a positive impact on our environment. Since January 2009, we have saved the world from over 1 billion plastic bottles.

Sparkling Water
Use of a Sodastream Pro water system is environmentally friendly and cuts the costs of traditional plastic and glass water bottles dramatically. Enhance green living while cutting the budget and reduce logistic and transportation.


Soda Caps
SodaCaps are SodaStream’s new patent-pending flavoring system that takes
our soda products to the next level.
SodaCaps single-serve, disposable capsules deliver a simple, fun and user-friendly experience with lifestyle appeal. One SodaCap will flavor one SodaStream carbonating bottle in an instant, resulting in a consistently flavored sparkling beverage each time.
Simply choose your flavor, place the capsule onto a SodaStream bottle of carbonated water and press down lightly to start the flow of flavor. Within seconds your sparkling drink is ready to enjoy.
SodaCaps can be recycled, will also be biodegradable, and will come in a stylish, elegantly-designed package.
1 SodaCap = 1 Liter of delicious sparkling drink
No mess. Consistent dosing. No “bottle-shaking.” Perfect taste!